The project

Colombia wants to prepare its water system for climate change in the future and it is working on a National Adaptation Plan. Extreme rainfall and high river water levels in particular can occasionally result in severe problems, and this tendency will probably be intensified by climate change.

Our role in Colombia and the results

In 2014, we were also involved in Colombia with the tipping point analysis. This technique is used to show when policy and management need to be adjusted, changed or transformed in response to climate change. In this way, policymakers can make a sound appraisal of the urgency of investments for the long term.

Deltares expert

Ad Jeuken, expert climate adaptation

The project was the first demonstration of our Dutch approach. We did find that specific Colombian circumstances such as the climate phenomenon of El NiƱo, as well as the local approach to water management, required a number of changes on the implementation side.

Copyright photo, Anneke Hymmen.