The project

2007 saw the launch in the Netherlands of a national study looking at the impact of climate change and possible adaptation. Scientists teamed up with the fields to look at 'hot spots', areas where climate issues coincide with special developments. Examples of ‘hot spots’ are Rotterdam, the Haaglanden area, the river area of the country, shallow lakes and peat areas. The results were presented in late 2014 at the international conference Deltas in Times of Climate Change.

Our role in the Netherlands and the results

We led the programmes: Climate-Proof Risk Management (Frans Klijn) and Climate-Proof Freshwater Supplies (Eelco van Beek & Ad Jeuken) and where also partner in the programmes Climate Proof Cities, and Infrastructure Networks Climate Adaptation & Hotspots. The studies where demand-driven from local partners in the ‘hot spots’ to ensure that the knowledge developed would also be used in the field.

Deltares expert

Frans Klijn, expert flood-risk

Thinking about flood risk management in the Netherlands is changing slowly: living with a certain level of risk is becoming more generally accepted.

Copyright photo, Anneke Hymmen.