The project

Construction of a new, large, sea lock at the entrance to the North Sea Canal in the Netherlands is of major importance for the development of the Amsterdam port region, the regional economy, and national and international goods flows. A new sea lock will therefore be built in IJmuiden.

It will be one of the largest in the world, with the chamber being more than 500 m long in order to accommodate ever-larger seagoing vessels. It is expected to go operational in 2019.

Our role

Before construction work can start, it is important to study the forces on the ships in the lock and the interaction between salt and fresh water. In 2014, Deltares started on the construction of a scale model to look at these areas. The results of the scale-model tests will also be used to validate the numerical models for designing the lock. The model tests simulate the passage of the vessels, looking in detail at the time required for the water to level out, the forces exerted on the vessels in the chamber during that process, and the interaction between salt and fresh water when the gates are opened.