The project

Brownfields are former industrial sites that are, for various reasons, under-exploited. You find them in old industrial areas, in cities and in former military and mining areas. They are often seen as a problem because redevelopment is hindered by social, economic and local considerations. However, they are really major opportunities. With areas of this kind, cities can achieve ambitions and, at the same time, make smart use of the available space. The sustainable approach to soil and the subsurface is crucial here to reverse the trend towards soil sealing. That is important because soil can bring a range of benefits that are extremely important for robust and habitable cities.

Our role

As part of HOMBRE (Holistic Management of Brownfield Regeneration), Deltares developed the Brownfield Navigator and the Zero Brownfield Framework. The Brownfield Navigator is a software tool that helps policymakers with the process of redeveloping brownfields, identifying more opportunities for revitalising under-exploited areas. We have also developed a document management system for recording decisions, and a sketch & mapping function. Examples of successful redevelopment are also available.

HOMBRE was a four-year (2010-2014) FP7 project with a consortium consisting of 14 partners, with coordination from Deltares. The results were presented in Frankfurt in October 2014.