The project

Beira is the second largest city in Mozambique and it is located on the estuary of the Pungue River. The 2035 Master Plan was developed as a vision that could be used as a basis for transforming Beira into a sustainable, prosperous and attractive city. Coastal erosion, the low-lying location and problems with drainage are the source of many problems. There are regular floods in the low-lying areas of the city. Apart from the severe disruption for the residents, the flooding also causes economic damage, and health problems such as malaria and cholera.

Our role

In the Greeninfra4Beiraproject, we gave the stakeholders the opportunity to see for themselves that green infrastructure can help to prevent floods. And that it also produces new 'co-benefits' such as fisheries, shade and wood for fuel. We drew on our expertise relating to the ecosystem-services approach to the delta system. We also show the possible results using instruments such as the Adaptation Support Tool and 3Di. To see is to believe and so the people involved have more confidence in the solution.