Building with nature is gaining ground over traditional dikes and dams

Interest in ‘building with nature’ is on the rise worldwide. In ever more densely-populated coastal, delta and river areas, demand for flood protection is on the rise as a result of developments such as sea-level rise and land subsidence. At the same time, the inhabitants of these areas want their living environment to be sustainable. So the conditions for 'building with nature' would seem to be increasingly favourable. Worldwide, people are migrating to cities in coastal, delta and river areas. It is precisely these areas that are most affected by climate change, land subsidence and sea-level rise. Constantly raising dikes is not an approach that can continue to rely on automatic support, and we need to consider alternative ways of improving flood protection. So slowly but surely, people are changing their thinking and becoming enthusiastic about using the natural landscape for flood protection. Building with Nature is starting to gain ground over the traditional approach to building dikes and dams.

Preview 2015

An important development in 2015 is the urban agenda. One of our goals is to raise awareness of Building with Nature solutions in the city and to implement them, for example in Rotterdam and Dordrecht. We are well on our way to become an important, leading institute in this field as well.