Working more efficiently and more effectively on flood risk management

In September 2014, the Delta Commissioner announced the new standards for flood risk management. The Netherlands will be switching to an approach based on flood probabilities. Focusing specifically on the risks leads to investments in improvements to our water defences where they make genuine economic sense. More protection for our euro. Assessments will be conducted in this way starting in 2017. Flood risks are also the underlying principle throughout the world. In many countries, the emphasis is primarily on the ability to assess, warn and take the right decisions in good time so that casualties and economic damage are kept to a minimum. Our early warning system, Delft-FEWS, which is currently being used in approximately 40 countries, plays an important role in that respect. As does ‘Aqueduct’, the global flood model that was completed recently and that includes casualties, economic damage and climate change.

Preview 2015

In 2015, once again, we will be engaging in research and consultancy in order to further quantify flood risks. We will be striving after effective, affordable and technically feasible measures. Where necessary, we will be providing support when floods look imminent.